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    Accountants, 5 key service specialisations are all you need

    Over the last couple of years, I have been raising the issue of the need for Accountants to develop industry and service specialisations to grow their practice revenue and attract new ‘ideal’ clients. Accountants considering developing service specialisations should tailor these solutions to the key needs of their clients.

  • Expert Opinion Articles

    Family Office Services Model

    Accountants need a services solution to replace declining compliance fees. A key growth opportunity is to offer Family Office Services and manage all the personal, family and business needs of their ‘ideal’ clients. Many accountants have the client relationships, and skills to offer this service, but have not taken advantage of the opportunity.

  • Expert Opinion Articles
    Bstar – The Number 1 Growth Opportunity for Accountants

    The #1 Growth Opportunity for Accountants

    I believe the number one growth opportunity for accountants in public practice is to convert an existing compliance client into an advisory client and then generate up to 7 new revenue streams per client.

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