Better Business Program

Better Business Program

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An increasing number of SMEs are looking for help to de-risk their business. The Better Business Program is the number one business advisory solution* purchased by SMEs to achieve this outcome.

The program’s approach is unique because it analyses key quantitative and qualitative risk and value drivers in a business. It’s not just about the numbers. It’s about looking at your client’s business strategically, reducing risks and finding out what will make it perform better.

About the Program

Bstar – Solutions to grow your business advisory revenue

The program is a flexible advisory solution that focuses on developing a broad strategic framework for your SME clients, not just on improving cash flow and profitability.

This cost-effective, automated approach provides an affordable solution for small, SME and multi-owner businesses who are ideal clients for the program. The program can be delivered 1:1 or in group sessions and has been tailored to a range of different industries.

It can create leverage in your practice because is delivered by Supervisors and Managers – delivery is not reliant on Partners or Directors. The key outcome of a Better Business Program is preparing a personalised Business Improvement Plan Report, which features:

A SWOT analysis of your client’s business

Key risk, growth and improvement strategies for your client, all aimed at securing their future

The next step is to establish a “sounding board” structure, such as a Board of Advice or CFO Program with your client to make sure that action items are tracked and people involved with the execution of the Business Improvement Plan know what is expected in terms of delivery and timeframes.


Bstar – Solutions to grow your business advisory revenue

You can use the Better Business Program to convert a small client into a medium to large client, as well as attract new clients, by combining Insights Collaboration with the Better Business Program. Then introduce this innovative ‘win win’ growth strategy to your key centres of influence relationships.

*Based on engagement information supplied by Bstar Alliance Partners.

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