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2018 SMSF Insights Report

2018 SMSF Insights Report

2018 SMSF Insights Report

BGL SMSF Insights Report (prepared by Bstar) is now available!

Key Insight – To achieve sustainable growth of SMSF services, accounting practices need to build a critical mass of clients. In simple terms, effective growth starts when a practice has established a base of between 50 – 75 SMSF clients.

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With the support of BGL Corporate Solutions, our aim is to provide you with an Insights Report that focusses on critical practice management issues as well as important SMSF services data and statistics. Unique findings covered in the Report include:

  • Demographic profiles of SMSF members;
  • The top revenue and profit driver for practices offering SMSF services;
  • Accountants opinions on minimum balances;
  • Key professional services operating costs;
  • SMSF outlook, growth, challenges and accounting practice benchmarks.

Develop a plan to introduce and/or grow SMSF services

If you offer SMSF services, or want to introduce and/or grow this division of your practice the Report includes practical strategies you can implement to build a successful SMSF service offer.

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