Valuation, Financial and Industry Performance Benchmarking

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Accurate, real-time benchmarking information is a powerful resource creating multiple business advisory services opportunities for your practice. Benchmarks can be incorporated in your starting, growing, improving and succession planning solutions, and CFO and Board of Advice Programs.

Most Accurate Benchmarks

Bstar – Solutions to grow your business advisory revenue

Bstar’s benchmarking information is considered the most accurate, real-time benchmarking information available, as the primary source of data comes from our patented Business Valuation Tool.

Benchmarking Overview

Bstar offers 3 unique categories of benchmarking information

Bstar – Solutions to grow your business advisory revenue

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benchmark your clients profit, cap rate and value

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Financial Performance

benchmark your clients top 18 key financial performance indicators (limited to selected industries)

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Industry Performance

benchmark industry specific trading, growth, costs and performance KPIs (limited to selected industries)

Valuation Benchmarks

Bstar – Solutions to grow your business advisory revenue

Bstar has the largest and most accurate valuation benchmarks database. You can access industry and client reports. You can use these materials to:

Engage clients to value their business and for planning for sale services.

Validate your business value when providing asset protection/estate planning advice.

Quantify the potential for future value improvement as part of your practice’s sounding board services (e.g. Board of Advice).

Attract ideal clients by offering a complimentary Industry Valuation Benchmark Report when they connect with you via your social media posts and campaigns.

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Bstar’s Alliance Partner Program is not a tool; but rather an online platform that provides accountants and other professional advisers with structure and processes to introduce and grow high margin and profitable, value-adding services. All content and reporting is branded with your practice logo and contact details.

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