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Business Valuation Financial Literacy Course

Business Valuation Financial Literacy Course
April 19, 2021 Bstar

Business Valuation Financial Literacy Course

Educating owners to have greater control over growing wealth by focusing on their business value.

As the demand for business valuations continues to grow, a unique opportunity exists to offer your clients an online financial literacy course.

Most owners don’t know what their business is really worth. A staggering 88% of them have a value gap risk.

In our year of automation, we will be releasing a series of innovative, online education courses to support accountants to gain greater traction with the automated business valuation and advisory solutions.

The first one focuses on what creates & drives business values. There is no time involvement from you or any of your team members to deliver the Course.

Financial literacy is step 2 of a 3-step process:

1. Awareness – materials & communications centred on your clients’ value gap risk;

2. Education – an online DIY course with 5 key learning outcomes;

3. Solution – automated valuation models supported by market based buy/sell data & Board of Advice sounding board services.

We recommend you offer the Course FREE to participants.

Our expectations are you will experience a significant increase in engagements for business valuation and board of advice services and new client referrals/leads.

Watch the Course introduction web video.…/business-valuation/

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