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Quantification of Value Reporting

Quantification of Value Reporting
March 1, 2021 Bstar

Quantification of Value Reporting

Retain & grow your client fee retainers

One of the most compelling outcomes of automating your Business Advisory services is the ability to quantify the value-add for clients.

To grow high profit margin sounding board retainers, it is critical you demonstrate value created.

Value can be measured in both financial and non-financial terms:

• Financial – lower debtor’s/stock days, higher profit margins, stronger valuation multiples.

• Non-Financial – improved staff engagement, less relationship conflicts, closed action items.

In our experience, if you limit the scope of your value creation information to financial returns, your client engagement term, particular for CFO services will usually only last for 2-3 years.

SME research confirms, accountability is what business owners’ value and pay for. The Accountability App Closed Action Item Report is our personal favourite.

It highlights implementation milestones and validates your fees for Business Advisory, financial and other professional services.

To learn more, attend the launch supported by Judo Bank. https://bstar.com.au/white-paper-automating-business…/