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The Bstar Team

Bstar’s Executives

Bstar – Solutions to grow your business advisory revenue

Bstar’s Executives share a vision to make Value Improvement Benchmarking Advice the benchmark standard for business advisory services. The strength of Bstar’s leadership group is in its aligned values and ethics, supported by a combination of different but complementary business and professional skills.

Grant Bloxham

BCom. CA
CEO & Founder

Bstar – Grant Bloxham – CEO & Founder

Grant is considered an industry thought leader on how accountants can grow their business advisory services revenue and attract ideal clients to their practice.

He is passionate about accountants offering more value-adding services to their SME clients and is co-author of Bstar’s annual Accountants and SME research reports.

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Scott Monotti

Executive Director

Bstar – Scott Monotti – Executive Director

Scott is dedicated to helping our Alliance Partners deliver great business solutions to their SME customers via the Bstar viba Alliance Partner Program.

Bstar’s Staff

Bstar – Solutions to grow your business advisory revenue

Bstar’s most important asset is its staff. Bstar has an experienced and dedicated team with skills ranging from accounting, account management, banking, financial services, information technology, law, research, sales and marketing.

Become a Bstar Alliance Partner

Bstar’s Alliance Partner Program is not a tool, it is an online platform that provides accountants and other professional advisers with structure and processes to introduce and grow high margin and profitable, value-adding services. All content and reporting are branded with your practice logo and contact details.

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