Big data from small businesses & SMEs

SME Research Report Exec. Summary

The Small to Medium Enterprise or SME sector is one of the most lucrative growth segments for professional advisers and corporate organisations. To grow your business in this competitive sector you need a point of difference. Data will give you this.

Bstar, via its Alliance Partner network, can reach over 145,000 SMEs.

Bstar captures, real time financial/non-financial data from a range of online tools and solutions including Risk Surveys, Risk and Value Driver Assessments and Business Valuations.

Data Opportunities

Bstar – Solutions to grow your business advisory revenue

You can use this data to retain and grow your customer or client base. Opportunities are limitless but include:

Insights or Research Reports


Credit Policy Management


New Customer/Client Growth Strategies


External and/or Comparable Benchmarking


Industry Specialisation


Thought Leadership & Social Media


Most Accurate Profit Data

Bstar’s profitability benchmarks are the most accurate. They are not profits from accountant prepared financial accounts or tax office benchmarks. They are the adjusted profits required for a business valuation.

Unique Non-Financial Data

The risk and value driver information and benchmarks provide powerful data sets.

They relate to key non-financial internal and external risks that affect business performance and values.

This data can only be accessed from Bstar and is the primary source of information for the SME Research Report.


  • Bstar provides a defined framework that we can scale

    "We were offering Business Advisory services to our clients, but we didn’t have a structured and repeatable way to deliver on a consistent basis. Bstar provides a defined framework that we can scale, ensuring we deliver what we say will to our clients each and every time. Without Bstar, we wouldn’t be able to offer the suite of Business Advisory Services we do today, meaning we’d miss out on a huge opportunity to grow both our business, and our client’s businesses."

    Drue Schofield, 4Front Accountants


  • The Bstar process and tools align perfectly with our delivery model

    "We appreciate the value in systemising an offering and Bstar was fundamental in allowing our practice to do that. The Bstar process and tools align perfectly with our delivery model and provide structure to what has always been an adhoc and somewhat intuitive process."

    Jared Favero, Godbee Favero


  • Industry experts

    "We see the value in partnering with industry experts and access to data that assists our clients (and ourselves) identify KPIs appropriate to their situation."

    Matt Connor, Medical Financial Group


  • The latest and best tools to assist our clients prosper and grow successfully

    "To be able to provide our clients with the best possible advice and support we can, in choosing Bstar to partner with we are confident that we will have the latest and best tools to assist our clients prosper and grow successfully in any future business plans they have. We want to provide a value-added service to our clients for whom we are currently providing compliance services, in the ever increasingly complex business environment, we believe that our role is even more important as being a trusted adviser to our clients and assisting them in their future decisions."

    Stephen Noble, SJN Chartered Accountants


  • Bstar support their Alliance Partners to help them achieve results

    "We made the decision to become a Bstar Alliance Partner for several reasons. First and foremost, product quality and development, Bstar is a well-respected brand in the business arena and Support. Bstar stand behind their product and support their Alliance Partners to help them achieve results. It’s very personalised and genuine and both are happy to pass on a wealth of knowledge and experience."

    Tony Kolker & Rob Femia, ROCG Stirling


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