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Bstar Business Advisory Club

Bstar Business Advisory Club

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Be independent, but not alone!

The majority of accounting and financial planning practices are independently owned. However, the downside of owning and operating your own practice is often a lack of resources and systems required to build a successful business advisory solution.

Bstar invites accountants and financial planners to join its

Business Advisory Club.

Bstar – Solutions to grow your business advisory revenue

Make this the starting point to grow your value-adding services and expand your client base in the SME sector.

You can use the Club’s resources to generate new revenue streams from existing clients and attract new ideal clients to your practice.


In addition to Bstar’s existing research reports, including Accounting, SME, Dentists, SMSF, GPs and Family Office services you will have automatic access to new research and insights reports when these are released.

Peer Successes

Attendance at Bstar Alliance Partner forums and quarterly webinars, where you can hear and learn from your peers on how they are successfully growing their business advisory services.

Expert Knowledge

With over 17 years’ experience in working with accounting practices, Bstar can support you with independent advice and support on key practice management and client issues.

Obtain all these benefits by joining the Bstar Business Advisory Club today!
Annual subscription of $385.00 (inc GST).

Future proof the growth of your business advisory services.



Become a Bstar Alliance Partner

Bstar’s Alliance Partner Program is not a tool, it is an online platform that provides accountants and other professional advisers with structure and processes to introduce and grow high margin and profitable, value-adding services. All content and reporting are branded with your practice logo and contact details.

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