Think differently to grow your practice. Offer your clients and Centres of Influence (COIs) a Masterclass showing them how to improve their business performance and grow your practice.

Bstar’s Alliance Partner Program includes materials, advice and support to set-up and run Masterclasses.

A Masterclass can be offered to your clients in a group format and/or as a dedicated event for your practice referral partners/COIs – Lawyers, General Insurance/Finance Brokers etc.

It creates a ‘win win’ for you, your clients & COIs. Special features include:

Completing a Risk & Value Driver Assessment (‘RAVDA’).

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Preparing a SWOT Analysis

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Identifying business improvement strategies

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Networking with other like-minded business owners and professionals

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Receiving a Business Improvement Plan Report

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One of the great outcomes of the COI Masterclass is your referral partners get a better understanding of your specialist business advisory services.

By attending a Masterclass they will experience ‘first hand’ how these services can help their own business performance and consequently are more likely to refer new clients to your practice.

COI Masterclass Success Story

Adviser Interview: Growing your business with centres of influence.


  • Needle on the trust dial has gone up

    “Important for them (COI’s) to undergo the process themselves, so they can get a sense of the value.”

    “They have a greater knowledge on how to refer to us, how we can collaborate together and get a better outcome for our mutual clients”

    Peter Childe-Freeman, Engage Consult Succeed

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