Think differently to grow your practice. Offer your clients and Centres of Influence (COIs) a Masterclass showing them how to improve their business performance and grow your practice.

Bstar’s Alliance Partner Program includes materials, advice and support to set-up and run Masterclasses.

A Masterclass can be offered to your clients in a group format and/or as a dedicated event for your practice referral partners/COIs – Lawyers, General Insurance/Finance Brokers etc.

It creates a ‘win win’ for you, your clients & COIs. Special features include:

Completing a Risk & Value Driver Assessment (‘RAVDA’).

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Preparing a SWOT Analysis

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Identifying business improvement strategies

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Networking with other like-minded business owners and professionals

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Receiving a Business Improvement Plan Report

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One of the great outcomes of the COI Masterclass is your referral partners get a better understanding of your specialist business advisory services.

By attending a Masterclass they will experience ‘first hand’ how these services can help their own business performance and consequently are more likely to refer new clients to your practice.


  • Needle on the trust dial has gone up

    “Important for them (COI’s) to undergo the process themselves, so they can get a sense of the value.”

    “They have a greater knowledge on how to refer to us, how we can collaborate together and get a better outcome for our mutual clients”

    Peter Childe-Freeman, Engage Consult Succeed

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