How many of your business clients have a value gap?

How many of your business clients have a value gap?
April 4, 2019 admin

A value gap is the difference between what your client’s business is worth today and what it needs to be to attain financial independence.

Our new SME insights of business owners have a value gap and only 23% have plans in place to bridge the shortfall.

Illustrating to your clients that they have a value gap risk ‘creates the disturb’ and motivates them to take action. It is powerful engagement process that can secure three advisory services fee opportunities:

1. Business Value Estimate or Assessment;

2. Value Gap Analysis;

3. Board of Advice.


Board of Advice services are growing in demand as business owners seek an external sounding board to help them improve profitability, cash flow and grow the value of their business.

It deepens the level of trust you have with existing clients, generates new ‘annuity income’ streams for your practice and can be promoted as a point of difference to attract ideal clients.

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