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How to Grow your SMSF Business

How to Grow your SMSF Business
August 16, 2018 Bstar

The number and variety of SMSF services being provided are one of many insights shared in the upcoming 2018 SMSF Insights Report. If you are an accountant or financial planner wanting to grow your SMSF business, you can apply the findings and insights in the Report to:

  • Identify the potential client/s for SMSF services;
  • Compare your SMSF operating model to High Growth Practices (HGPs);
  • Benchmark your fees, revenue mix and operating costs;
  • Strategically plan the future growth of your SMSF services.

With the support of BGL Corporate Solutions, our aim is to provide you with a unique Report that focusses on critical practice management issues as well as important SMSF services data and statistics.

How to grow your SMSF business

One of the key practice management issue highlighted in the Report is the low level of penetration of SMSF services within the client base of accounting practices and how accountants with the support of their SMSF business partners can resolve this issue.

This report is now available for download. Click to learn more.