Where will Accounting Revenue Growth come from in 2018/19?

Where will Accounting Revenue Growth come from in 2018/19?
September 27, 2018 admin

Currently, the internal revenue growth rates for small to medium-sized practices from existing clients is between 7% and 12% per annum.

Consequently, many accounting practices are looking to grow through a future transition event.

Our accountants’ research confirms mergers and acquisitions are back on the radar.

One of the main barriers to successful transition planning is agreeing to the valuation methodology and then determining a fair value.

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When valuing an accounting practice, it is important you assess both quantitative and qualitative risks. Key qualitative risk and value drivers include:

  • Formal strategies for the adoption of cloud accounting and artificial intelligence;
  • Number and breadth of services provided by professional staff;
  • Provision of a service/ industry or niche market specialisation.

We have close to 400 accounting practice valuation benchmarks. Visit our website to learn more.